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2012-02-03 21:38:13 GMT
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RELEASE DATE/: 02/03/12
BITRATE:1271 kBit/s
RUNTIME:1hour 54 minutes 22 seconds
SUBTITLES:English, Espanol, France


Please seed!!!
ok people here's how this download the movie, then you seed so other people can get the movie.
nuked cd 2 is fucked get repack
So, i'm digging the reboot... but nothing beats Kevin Bacon.
@ .BONE. - Could you expand on the problem with CD 2, everything seems fine to me, am I missing something?
I dated a girl one time that had her leg amputated. She loves the movie Footloose!! Good job LegendET for making people happy
I dated a girl one time that had her leg amputated. She loves the movie Footloose!! Good job LegendET for making people happy
this movie is the worst remake i have ever seen
real/fake? quality?
hey guess what, tommyhawkster? I am gonna download this move and not seed it, not even for a second! You mad bro??

p.s. - I have a really fast internet connection.
Thanks paddo permanently seeded!!
Thanks :)
So is CD 2 ok?
City kid Ren MacCormack moves to a small town where rock 'n' roll and dancing have been banned, and his rebellious spirit shakes up the populace.

n0nseeder - well done my man, well done. I haven't laughed so hard or for so long at a comment in all the years I have been using tpb. Never commented, had to ask for my password and went through all kinds of ball ache to login and tell you how amused I am by your comment....and i have read a few funny ones in my time. We could be friends, but I tend not to be friends with losers who comment on things ;)
does this work on ps3??
how do you seed??
death to the non-seeding parasite

I will seriously come to all of your houses and shoot you in the ballsack so you can die in a slow and horrible process
well havnt watched this piece yet but d/ling it for the ol ball an chain!read comments and n0nseeders was funny but didnt get a deff. this shit stinks!so here goes and the nentendo sounding transformer!is right bet this movie stinks just cuz kevin baccon aint in it the first one was bad ass when i was younge youd have to be there to understand why it was cool couldnt watrch orig. now, but it was the shit when it was in theat.i was like 12 and had a spike hair cut but chicks liked it therefore dudes liked it just like elves! but i do love the funny comments
and if this movie stinks no seed! legend is pretty good on his shit though so i trust him!
n0nseeder: It is people like you that ruin good torrents, if you want to use a torrent you should at least seed to help other people even if you have fast internet
DO NOT DL, got an email from my isp about copyright infringement after downloaing this torrent.
This movie is being tracked, got a email from my services provider letting me know i did something illegal