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How I Met Your Mother 7x14 (HDTV-LOL)[VTV]


Hmm well who is the mom? Good question. If you have seen every episode then you already know that his future self calls Robin "Aunt Robin" so you would think that she cannot be the mother. And also there was one episode where they show the kids mother's foot as she gets out of the shower at some girls house that Ted is currently dating.
But here is what I think. Somehow the kids he is telling these stories to are NOT his kids! Even though Im pretty sure they have called his Dad several times I would not be surprised at all if they go in that sort of direction. "Misdirection" He never refers to her as his wife so I think they might find a way to do that. So maybe Robin is there "Aunt Robin" and yet she is still Ted's wife because he is not the kids father he is just Uncle Ted telling an interesting story to his neice and nephew about how he met their mother. Who could end up being Lily or some random chick who knows.
Where is the next episode IT SHOULD BE OUT 23 January 2012
with the title : "The Drunk Train" WAT happened with that? Same with Famly d00d and Simpsons .. SOPA/RIPA/ACTA something to do wid it?
your the greatest!!!
sincerely yours. =D
Hi! Where is the next episode nr.15? it should be out 23 january 2012 (USA) "The Drunk Train" like Stinson would say. "Waddap?" Same happened wid Family guy and Simpsons .. has this something to do with SOPA/RIPA/ACTA ?
sincerely yours. xD
its going to air on feb 13
Can someone help....

I'm on Google Chrome and when I clicked "GET THIS TORRENT" there was a pop-up to either "launch application or do nothing".....i was confused and have selected "Do nothing" by mistake and it remembered that setting....

I don't know how to change that setting again...I have already deleted all cookies and cache in Chrome...I'm unable to download any torrents from Pirate Bay now.....PLEASE HELP
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